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The App Store for the Cloud

Select, Configure and Deploy your Cloud Application
in minutes - at a Cloud Provider of your choice

1-Click Deployment

DISTRIBOOTED deploys the application of your choice with a single click. Select your Application and Cloud provider, configure it and you are ready to go. DISTRIBOOTED will start instance(s), install & configure the service, set up network & security and launch your Application - and of course it will notify you once ready.

Run Anywhere

DISTRIBOOTED already works with major Cloud Providers such as Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Exoscale, Google Cloud, Linode, Rackspace and Vultr. DISTRIBOOTED will add support for over 60 Cloud Providers across the globe. Just drop us a note if you would like your Cloud Provider to be prioritised.

Management Dashboard

No matter how many instances you have or where they are hosted, you can view and manage them all from one single location: the DISTRIBOOTED dashboard. You can also import instances from any of the supported providers and manage them through DISTRIBOOTED.