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Getting Started

Sign Up

The first thing you will need to install apps from the DISTRIBOOTED App Store is an account. Click here to sign up.

Once your email address is confirmed, your account is automatically credited with $100 in DISTRIBOOTED credits to help you get started. The credits can of course be used only on DISTRIBOOTED. Credits are valid until 30 November 2016. At present we calculate a nominal 10 Credits per install.

If you run out of credits please get in touch with us and we will be happy to top up your credits.

Find The Right App

You have different ways to browse the App Store and find what you’re after:

  • browse the complete list
  • filter by category
  • search by name or keywords.

You can view more details about an application by click on its icon on the App Store listing to access the Application’s Details page. We will incrementally present as much useful information about an application, its configuration, security advisories and useful links on the Application Details page.

If you think of something we should add to this page - just ping us, we are happy to consider all feedback.

Install Your App

When you’ve found the app, click Install. Use our default settings or choose your custom configuration and then confirm the launch. Prior to launching under your own Cloud Provider account you can install it in our sandbox environment for free at partnering providers (more about that in next section).

Select your Cloud Provider and indicate your API Key. These keys are stored securely so you do not have to enter them for every future install. If you are not sure where to find your access keys, please refer to the section 'Finding Access Details' for your provider in the FAQ.

DISTRIBOOTED will start the instance(s) required for your app and proceed to configure the service. You will be notified by email once everything is complete and ready for you to use. If you are the impatient type you can wait and watch while the Dashboard updates. As soon as you see the IP and port of your application being displayed on the Dashboard you can go ahead and access the application installed.

We are launching with 30 Apps but have another 70 in the bag which we will release over the coming weeks, after incorporating your valued feedback. Right now we are deploying only standalone instances, you will see pre-designed cluster templates pretty soon.

If you have an App which is not on our list but is a ditch to install - drop us a line and we are happy to consider creating a DISTRIBOOTED Install for it.


The DISTRIBOOTED Dashboard is the control center for your Starship Enterprise. Here you can view and manage your instances across all your Cloud Providers.

Most of the columns displayed should be self explanatory. The last column 'Key' allows you to download the SSH key required to log-in to the deployed instance. We generate unique keys for each instance. Please also note the User name for the instance - these do vary based on the Cloud Provider being used.

While we allow you to 'STOP' instances we do not allow for destroying instances from the DASHBOARD.

You can filter and search for instances - allowing you to unclutter your dashboard. You can also import existing instances ( created outside DISTRIBOOTED ). This is described in the next section.

Importing External Instances

DISTRIBOOTED allows you to import instances created outside DISTRIBOOTED into the DISTRIBOOTED Dashboard. To do this

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Click on Import instances
  • Enter your Cloud Credentials in the form provided.
  • Click Import

Screenshot Import Instances

In a few minutes you will see the imported instances on the DISTRIBOOTED Dashboard.

Still Need Help?

Visit our FAQ to find answers to the most common issues. You can also reach out to us via our contact form or send us a message on info@distribooted.com.