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Software partners

Maximize the business potential of your server software

DISTRIBOOTED : Software Partners

DISTRIBOOTED is focused on providing Cloud Agnostic App Stores and Application Management tools to businesses and consumers alike. Our vision is that of a world where cloud applications whether standalone or in clusters can not only be deployed efficiently but also managed and optimised from a single console.

Our solutions are free for Users as well as for the supported Cloud and ApplicationProviders.

You do not have be a “Leading Application Provider” to partner with us — You only need to share our customer-centric vision and be building a great application whether established or emerging.

Reach Customers Faster

We allow you to reach end customer more quickly by allowing them to try your software more quickly and with great ease. Our free for Users, Cloud and Application Providers model is built for re moving barriers to market entry and coverage. We will cover 90% of Cloud Providers in a variety of geographies by July–2017 — with each provider giving you the opportunity to reach out to their customers.

Be seen with the best and the complementary

Our application catalog is curated in order to allow for easily combining solutions to build a full enterprise stack. If you are an Analytics and Dashboard solution you will get seen together with Databases where the data resides. Your CRM solution together with Marketing Automation tools. As of Q1–2017 we shall start rolling out ready-to-go multi-application stacks and clusters.

Spare yourself Engineering overhead

We are specialised in building Cloud Installers and our platform is built to do these and to test it across all supported providers within days. You can rest assured that the latest version or patch is ready to install by customers within hours if required (we launched a new version of CrateDB in less than 2hours). And best of all it costs you nothing.

Scalability as a Commodity

Is your target audience intimidated by clusters? No worries, we will have that covered too in Q1–2017. From simple homogenous-clusters to complex stacks containing multiple applications on pre-configured and connected instances.

Get Faster to Revenue

In Q2–2017 we shall be adding the capability for users to also buy licensed software for one time or subscription fees- enabling them to migrate easily between free and paid versions of your software. Buying a variety of solutions through a single channel has proven to improve the customers purchasing behaviour.

Offer your application partners qualified leads

DISTRIBOOTED is single-mindedly focused on infrastructure management. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your qualified partners to provide expert application specific consultation to your users.

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a DISTRIBOOTED Software Partner please fill out the form below and our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.